intentional home living

With the passing of my dear grandmother, I have had time to process what it means to live intentionally in my home. I wrote a short check list down and would love to share with you! As you read through my intentional living, think of how you create your home space to live more intentionally and I would love for you to share in the comment section!

  1. LOVE where you live. Whatever space you are in, create an environment that you love to live in. It is a choice to make your home a place to be intentional by how you create your environment whether you rent, own, live with family or in a dorm room. BE INTENTIONAL!

  2. Flowers, candles, fresh food and baked goodies oh my! All those things add up in my books and can be so easy to obtain and if you are on a budget they still can be attainable! Pick flowers from outside, re-use your candles with votive candles and bake simple chocolate chip cookies. Enjoy how it makes your family and friends feel too!

  3. A clean and organized home is an intentional home. You don’t have to go crazy with the cleanliness, but I do believe having a clean home that is organized helps with keeping an intentional environment for your family. Start by choosing one room and work on organizing it and make it a priority. Once done, explain to the family what you have created and how they can help keep it organized. They will enjoy the space and maybe for the next space they will help out and create it with you!

  4. BOOKS! I love to keep cooking books, the Bible, art, decor, traveling and even novels out on display. Books keep a warm and inviting space and they intentionally bring on meaningful conversations that might not have happened without them there. A good book is such an easy way for living in an intentional home.

  5. WORDS OF AFFIRMATION! Tell your husband you love them! Yell from the top of the stairs to your kiddos they are the best thing to have ever happened to you. HUG them often. Give positive encouragement. Speak wise words to your children. Squeeze your dog. Enjoy the people in your home and intentionally tell them you adore them.

  6. Make homemade meals and sit at the table together. In this crazy busy world we forget how important this is. Studies have shown that kids do better in school enormously just by having a few meals at home with their family. Cook simply if cooking is too much for you. Google simple recipes. Yes, we all love google :)

  7. PRAYER. Pray for your family and friends. Find specific requests to pray for and covet those in prayer.

  8. My last idea among so many I want to write, but I want to keep it short and sweet is to wake up every morning with an open heart. We live in a world that is all about having more, doing more, seeing more. What if we woke up and thought, “YES! This is it! I can choose how I want my home to be. I have that choice, lets do it.”


    xoxoxo Jennifer

my simple master bath makeover

I think it is safe to say we all look at images on Pinterest or Instagram and comments pop in our heads like….”Oh I need that!” “I should change that!” “Oh thats a great color, maybe I should change mine!” “I wonder where they got that? How much do you think?” The questions go on and on and linger in our noodles. When I decided to change up our master bathroom I was on a budget and I knew I would not be changing the flooring, counter tops and shower but instead EMBRACING them. They might not be my style, but they are functional, nice quality and by golly, we have a master bath!! Wohoooo!! So when I decided it was time to change things out I wrote out a list of what I knew I could change on my budget.


*Towels!! These were the first items to pop into my head. When was the last time you bought towels? I found mine at Nordstrom here ….well they were there and looks like they are not carrying them at the moment, but there are some really cute ones!

*Paint!! It seems so simple yet for some reason finding the right paint color that works for you and your end goal can always be a challenge. I wanted the whitest white so I went with Sherwin Williams Extra White paint and I love it!

*Runner!! Since I am not in love with the tiles I decided to find a runner that would fit the length of the bathroom. Rejuvenation had a great one! But guess what? My husband doesn’t like the feeling of it!!! Errrrr! So it will probably be going back to the hallway and I will be on the hunt again!!

*Lights!! My house is such mix of traditional and modern, but I am drawn to a simple modern light fixture. I love Cedar and Moss and you can see what I picked.

*Clock and Art!! I added a new clock and art from my favorite stores Abode and Ju-bee-lee If you are local and never been, RUN NOW!!

My dad made me this cute little wooden bath caddy!

My dad made me this cute little wooden bath caddy!

Before picture!!!!!

Before picture!!!!!

And of course the above photo wasn’t styled….but here are the changes below!


With a little creativity and time you can have a bathroom refresh on a budget! Embrace what you have and it is amazing how you will feel. Thanks for reading darlings!



cheers to a simple CHRISTMAS.... and hello!

Hi Hi Hi!!!

I believe it has been almost 2 years since my last blog post. My instagram account became my little blog and so as the story goes….I stopped blogging. However, you can always go back to things you have stopped! Right!? Please say yes mama yes!!!

If you are reading this then you probably follow me on instagram, so I won’t go into introductions here, but I did want to talk about a simple Christmas. Did I say that? Yes, yes I did. This time of year we get slammed with the crazy. So crazy that we loose the whole purpose of this beautiful season. To keep the season as simple as possible, I wrote down a list and thought I would share.

  1. Decorate as simply or as elaborate as you want. It is your time! Do you have or do you want to spend hours putting Christmas decor up? Do you have a theme or color scheme already planned out? Thinking ahead does help with time management on keeping things simple for you.

  2. Say YES to the things you LOVE and NO to the things you are hesitant to. You get it! Just do it!!!

  3. Holiday cards~either you love to do them or they are so challenging you would rather climb a mountain :) Whatever you decide, think of what photo you want to use months ahead if you can. Get them printed as soon as you can and have the addresses on hand. Now I know this will sound crazy to some of you….but have your kiddos help. They can address and put stamps on the envelopes and maybe the stamp will be upside down, but it helps to get them involved. Speaking of getting your family involved….

  4. Your kids can help decorate, put things away and really help you in anyway you will allow them too. I am still learning on the allow part. Its coming folks!

  5. If you plan on doing a party at your home or office, plan ahead. Maybe each member of the party could bring a side dish, have it catered by a local burrito place or do a dessert party bar. It doesn’t have to be elaborate.

  6. GIFTS! We like to limit our gift giving and the past few years we have given the gifts of travel and experience. This year we are not doing any gift giving with 2 sets of family members and it is liberating! I like to look for gifts throughout the year, especially for friends and it makes managing your finances easier as well.

  7. What is this season about for you? Maybe it is showing others giving by helping out at a local shelter, making cookies for your neighbor or spending time every night with your family watching a different Christmas movie.

  8. Remember to take care of YOU. Maybe you swap taking care of someone else’s kiddos so you and your husband can go on that romantic date, you get a massage or buy that expensive coffee you have been craving. I truly believe taking care of yourself through it all is the best thing you can do for YOU!

I kept it nice and simple in my bedroom this year. It feels clean and fresh!

I kept it nice and simple in my bedroom this year. It feels clean and fresh!

These are just some simple reminders for me as well during this season. I even took some time off yesterday to work on some things that I have been ignoring for a long time, brain free and quite relaxing….. so tis the season to keeping it simple, loving on others, and for me being thankful to a gracious God who gave me the opportunity to live simple.

xo jennifer

ps…I would love to hear your thoughts on how you have been keeping it simple this season!

los cabos

My dear friend and I recently got to spend 3 wonderful and giggly days together in Los Cabos, Mexico. What a treat! Of course I love my family, but getting the chance to just get away with a dear friend of 20 years makes the experience even better. She just turned 40 and our birthdays are close to one another so it was time to celebrate!!!

We stayed at a place called Hotel El Ganzo.  It was beyond our expectations. We had no idea where we were going which makes traveling for me even more exciting. About 20 minutes from the airport on its own little peninsula lies the hotel and pristine blue waters and sailboats. When we arrived we both just started giggling. Really?! This is where we are staying!!

They greeted us with cucumber water and the hotel entry was grand with a mix of modernism and old weather wood accents. It was perfect. It was ours for the next three days. We were in earth heaven. 

The hotel is a mix of incredible art that artists from all over have painted. It is so creative, that even the furniture had a design to it and a part of the hallway had a refrigerator on it that would be stocked with beverages one afternoon and gone an hour later. A hotel that is constantly changing and moving around.....look closely at the pillow with the paint!

This modern vibe of the hotel was amazing. From reclaimed wood to concrete floors to an infinity  pool and food made from their organic was heaven.

Musicians come from all around the world to record in their underground music recording studio. Say what? One of the best parts about the hotel is it was kid free...I know I thought I would never say that. However, when your kids are not with you and you want some piece and quiet....this is the place!

Our room overlooked sailboats and pelicans....and all the rooms do at Hotel El Ganzo. It is a 68 room boutique hotel with all ocean view rooms. They had a boat taxi that took you on a minute boat ride to the beach with a restaurant....I think I have said enough!!  I found an amazing deal on expedia which made the trip affordable and more fun. Travel should be an unexpected adventure in my eyes and this trip did not disappoint. The little town of Los Cabos was a short ride away with so many shops filled with color and lots of eye candy!

The best part of my vacation? Spending time with this girl....and here is our friendship story part 2....part one is on my instagram feed if you want to take a peek!

We met 20 years ago in Occupational Therapy school. We traveled to Ecuador and both us of us realized how much we loved to make jokes and laugh at ourselves and each other. We white water rafted down the Amazon river...and of course I fell in!!! Everyone got back in the boat quite quickly, expect me and I kept going down stream with all those big fishes in the river. My dear friend kept yelling, "just keep your feet up!" I can still hear her today and it makes me smile. She is a friend that encourages, a friend that makes me laugh and a friend who has been through trauma and heartache. She went into a coma for 3 weeks after delivering her second child. They did not know she was internally bleeding. After a blood transfusion and a c-section while she was asleep her life was saved. Her baby was perfect and God performed a miracle. I was able to spend a week with her after she was discharged from the hospital to help with her and the sweet baby. I find it amazing how God intertwined our stories and gave us both a voice in different and similar ways. Her story is absolutely amazing and her testimony is beyond anything I have heard. We both have had hysterectomies and that in itself is a miracle to share that bond with someone.  Her strength and faith in God has given me a strength I didn't know I had. I have never prayed on my knees like I did the night her sister called me after the delivery, not knowing if she would make it. I remember pleading to God to not take her. Not yet. She is someone that everyone loves and her heart has touched so many lives. God saved her in that 24 hour period and we all are so forever grateful. I love you sweet girl.

I hope my travels inspire you to travel and my friendship story encourages you to dig deeper into those friendships you already have or begin new relationships that will last years to come.

Have a wonderful evening my darlings.

xo jennifer

bryar wolf

By now you all know my love for pillows.....It has been a long love affair and I keep finding new and talented artists that make me so happy! Bryar Wolf is a local company in my town and Katie is the creative maker behind the company. I recently had a few African mud cloth pillows made for a client and it was such a joy being able to pick out what I wanted and get them handmade just for her..... oh, and one for me too :)

I love all the beautiful fabrics Katie uses from India to Africa. Her simplicity is eye candy and her sewing is beautiful. I was able to interview Katie and learn a little more about her and her craftsmanship. Please read on!

1. Hi Katie! Tell us a little about you....

My name is Katie Lipson. I was born in Toronto, Ontario. I moved around quite a bit until I met my husband in Bend, Oregon, where I call home now (and will forever!). I have always been obsessed with textiles from all over the world, and love to sew. 

2. When did you start your company?

I started Bryar Wolf about 8 months ago.

3. Where do you get your design inspiration from?

I am constantly searching for new fabrics. It is a life long passion, and a bit of an addiction! Nothing like coming across something I haven't seen before! I also attend as many of the open markets I can which helps to see what is currently on trend.

4. Have you always been artistic?

For the most part yes. I have always loved creating! For a few years I was stuck in a corporate job (no fun) and I knew it was not for me. As soon as I got back to my artistic self and back to creating, I was back in my comfort zone.

5. Tell me three words to describe you!

Creative. Optimistic. Light.

You can find Katie and her beautiful pillows on instagram and on her website.

My little Lucy is a big fan of our new pillow too!

Have a wonderful day darlings!

xo jennifer

the forest fern

When I think of simplicity and beauty, Sara at The Forest Fern comes to mind. Her modern macrame's are creative works that include garlands, plant holders and custom pieces. Her art presents a sense of calmness and warmth and should be in everyone's home! I got the chance to interview Sara and get to know a little more about her and her talented macrame's. I hope you read on and take a peek at her beautiful pieces...

1. How did you get interested in macrame?

When we moved into our current house about a year ago, it was pretty much a total disaster. Leaky roof, broken windows, uneven foundation, plumbing name it, we had it. We slowly started turning our fixer-upper into our home and it gave me the room that I needed to explore my style. I really wanted to fill our house with plants so I started making macrame plant hangers. I quickly moved on to larger scale wall hangings and I haven't stopped since.

2. How long have you been an artist?

Not very long at all. I only started to create macrame hangings about 9 months ago. Before that I was a stay-at-home mom to my two young children. I've always loved creating things and home improvement and design has been a passion of mine for a long time. I still feel a bit giddy that I get to spend my days making beautiful things.

3. Tell us a little bit about you that others might not know.

Before I had my first child in 2012, I worked for almost 10 years at a creative ad agency as a project manager. I really loved watching people create amazing things day in and day out and I always regretted being on the business side of things. I would never have guessed that my decision to leave advertising and be a stay-at-home mom would eventually lead me to this life as a Maker. I feel really blessed and very lucky to be surrounded by a supportive group of family and friends who encouraged me to take that leap into starting my own business and sharing my passion.

4. How many pieces do you make each month and how long does each piece take?

This really varies from month to month. Right now I'm very fortunate to be in a position where I can book myself out a few months in advance. The really amazing thing about running a business from a digital platform like I do is that I can work as much or as little as I want to. I try to leave time in my schedule to grow as an artist (I recently learned to weave on a loom and I love it!) and to enjoy my family. 

Sometimes I can work on a single piece for a few weeks and other times (if my husband is around to keep the kids occupied!) I can finish something in a day or two. My mixed textile pieces take a very long time to complete because they are so layered and intricate, but I really love making them! 

5. 3 words to describe you!




Isn't Sara wonderful? I can't believe she has only been making these beautiful modern macrame's for 9 months! If you are interested in her work you can find her on her website and on instagram.

I hope you have been inspired today darlings! Have a wonderful one.

xo jennifer




rome part 1

Ohhhh how long it has been since I have done a little blog post!!! Summer had me much with the kiddos and now that they are back in school I hope to blog a little more when the inspiration hits. I never knew writing was like that. I now understand why writers go on these retreats or hide out in the far away mountains for awhile just to focus and be inspired. I get it!

Anyhoo......ROME! Oh my, if you have gone you understand my excitement and if you haven't gone I hope to get that excitement in your blood to book that trip that will forever hold a beautiful place in your heart.

I have to admit, with the way of the world now I was quite nervous to travel. I have always enjoyed a good adventure and when traveling to Africa I never felt the way I did with Europe. was amazing. We didn't feel unsafe one bit. Yes, there were armed guards on every piazza we encountered, but it felt good, in a safe way.

The art, the culture, the language was just the ticket to an amazing experience for my family, especially my kiddos. I mean, look at this ceiling!!! This was taken with my iPhone and no edits and look at the detail. Oh my! My kids enjoyed every moment from the miles of walking each day to the numerous amounts of stops of GELATO!

This was taken right outside our hotel room. We stayed at a beautiful place on the 4th floor of a church. It was modern, clean and oh so lovely. Splendor Suite Rome would be highly recommended to stay if you were to travel to Rome. It is located in the center of it all, however it is quaint and quiet. There is no food onsite, but the cafe below has delicious pizza and pasta and the best cappuccino I have ever tasted!

Outside our bedroom window!

Kiddos playing in the piazza where our little hotel room was. It had a balcony where the kids bunked and gave us all a little bit of our own space. The ceiling was beautiful with hand panted stars and rustic wood, which made the modern room feel more cozy.

Rome was a city of wander with so many beautiful sights, sounds, tastes and family time. The streets are thousands of years old with cobblestone lined piazzas and alley ways. I couldn't believe how incredibly helpful the Romans were. They would speak English to us and we would practice our little Italian. My husband is half Italian and lived in Florence, Italy for a year and to see him speak in Italian was a dream of mine. Even the kiddos chirped in as they would say Chow Chow as we left a street vendor.

The shopping was unreal and everything smelled like beautiful fresh leather. The craftsmanship of shoes and bags was something I had dreamt of and to actually witness was amazing.

I have so much to say and write about this modern ancient and romantic city, but for now I will say Chow Chow until my next little blog post!

Have a beautiful day darlings!

xo jennifer

top 3 favorite vegan cookbooks

I don't know why it cracks me up how healthy eating is so popular right now. It is so wonderful and so hip at the same time which is why I laugh. Kale is so "in!" Who knew? For me my diet has been non-dairy and no eggs for almost 4 years now. I can't believe how time has flown by. I started this diet because of an intense rash on my face as well as it swelling once while making eggs for my kiddos and it scared me needless to say. I also have endometriosis and I have noticed I have less reactions and bloating with a non-dairy diet which has been a huge blessing. Maybe too much info for you, but that is how I roll......

I have found many cookbooks that I really like and tend to use often and here are my top 3!

Chloe's Vegan Italian Kitchen is one of my favorites. They are simple recipes with so much flavor it really feels like you are eating Italian food minus the eggs and dairy. One of my favorite new recipes is the quick basil pesto. You can put it on pasta, pizza or salad and it is delish!

1 cup packed fresh basil

1/4 cup olive oil

1 garlic clove

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1/4 teaspoon sea salt

1/4 teaspoon black pepper : Mix in food processor and enjoy!

Crazy Sexy Juice is a must for you lovers of fresh juice and smoothies. Kriss Carr knows her stuff and lays it out simply for you and the ingredients you need to make some yummy things. My favorite smoothie lately is the hello hydration:

1 large cucumber

3 cups watemelon

1/4 cup basil: that's it! Juice and enjoy!

Lastly, From Plant to Plate, is a lovely book filled with simple recipes you can do in less than 30 minutes! Love! The southwest black bean burger is my favorite and my family enjoys it rather than the typical bean burger from the grocery store.

Whatever your diet and hunger needs are, it is fun to mix and match good cookbooks with your own creativity! That's what I love to do.

What are you fixing for dinner tonight?

Have a lovely day darlings!

(painting by my lovely daughter)

xo jennifer

bunglo by shay spaniola

I am always on the look out for beautiful bedding...and I found it! Shay founded bunglo by shay spaniola in 2013 and has been on fire ever since. You can find her beddings and beautiful pillows here and she is also at anthropologie! Say what???? So amazing. My bedroom received a little make over with her to get some pillows...I know I know....pillow addiction right here!

 Take a look at her fabulous designs and water color prints and read the little interview I did with her below.

1. When did you become interested in art and how did you start?

I've always been interested in art! I started painting at 3 and haven't stopped! I took art classes out side of school at a young age, studied fine art and believe it's my way of connecting to my soul! It's more of a feeling that I 'have' to create... it just pours out! 

2. When did you start your company and when did your drawings become dreams?

I started with an idea in December of 2013, 6 months later I launched my first collection and haven't looked back! It's been a dream come true to focus on my art and share my patterns with the world.

3. Favorite things to do on your free time:)

In my free time, I love creating, being outside with my dog and fiance, TRAVELING! Yoga, making plant based meals and gardening. 

4. What would you describe your style in your home?

We just moved into a charming 1920's 'bunglo' in Asheville, North Carolina. We recently purchased 2 large flax linen sofas from restoration hardware and a mid century table from @atomicfurnishings - everything is very simple. We like to keep the house 'zen' - we only used plants and crystals to decorate (and of course bunglo rugs, baskets and pillows!). I'm all about soft grays and making my space feel like a meditation space. I think salt lamps + intentional patterns are the key to enlightening a space! 

5. What makes you happy?

A simple life with an emphasis on living in rhythm with mother nature.

6. Your favorite bedding and pillows currently for sale.

I love them all! I make tons of designs each month, the ones I put into production are my absolute favorites! I love how you can mix and match them to get a new feel every season. We're launching a photo collection with Anthropologie in August that I'm pretty pumped about! 

7. 3 words to describe you!!!

Creative, adventurous and happy :) I truly love life and so grateful for my time on earth! 

Look at those fab pillows at anthropologie! Love it all.

Be sure to take a look at her instagram page here and her gorgeous website here. Have a beautiful day darlings!

xo jennifer

seeing color

I write this from the bottom of my heart as I have been struggling. I try not to voice my opinions too much on social media, but for this I have to say something. Why? My family is multiracial. My son is black. My daughter is white. We SEE color. Our family is a beautiful mix and I would not want it any other way. I have read posts on instagram that I know people are trying to be supportive and write the correct verbiage, but there still needs to be education. One girl I adore and follow stated,  "I pray my children do not see color or race." For me, I pray my children do see color and race as that is how we are all so uniquely made. Like the beautiful children's song goes, "Jesus loves the little children, red and yellow black and white they are precious in His sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world." I know she didn't mean any harm, however I do believe we need to speak up and educate.

My heart breaks for this country and for those that have been so affected by tragedy. I don't understand. I don't think I ever will. I do believe I am more aware, because of my family dynamics and I couldn't be more grateful. I didn't know how God would put certain trials in my life that literally turned into a magnititude of the biggest gifts I could receive. Before we adopted I think with a humble heart I would have responded as the girl above did. I do believe our hearts are all the same and from the inside we look the same. The outside is what makes us so wonderfully different no matter what we look like.

There was a beautiful girl in my yoga class the other day who was black and so beautiful. I walked up to her and said you are so beautiful. She literally looked shocked and had the most beautiful smile and lit the room up. I wanted to just embrace her!!!

Let's work together as a community. Go above and beyond with your friends who look different then you. They might have a disability, they might talk differently, have beautiful black skin, white skin. WE all are human and have strengths and weaknesses. Lets come together and build each other up and make those weaknesses into our strengths.

xo jennifer


Wallpops is a fun peel and stick wallpaper that is now one of my favorite go to easy design applications. The city design is so chic and modern and looks amazing anywhere. My sons's closet doors got a little facelift and the best part? It took me 10 minutes and I did it on my own. I tend to lean on the "lets do this decor quick side." I tell you, this got my fix without the time and frustration. My son loves it and it added some nice texture to his room.

I didn't realize it at the time, but spider man is pointing to his new found city....oh kids!

They neat part about wallpaper like this, is if you change your mind later you can always take it down and either change it with another wallpaper piece or leave a blank canvas with no residue. Wallpops carries different types of wallpaper from cut out designs like pineapples to its new NuWallpaper like the city design I have.

I had a little left over so I decided to use it on our door in our kitchen. I also thought it would be a fabulous summer project for the kids to color it. Coloring books are so in right now, why not have a big piece to color? FUN!

You can find wallpops here and on their instagram page here. 

Have a lovely Friday darlings and a Happy 4th of July!

xo Jennifer

art studio km is such a beautiful representation of beauty, emotions and wonder. I came across Kim Merritt through instagram and then realized something.....her sister's husband was one of my husband's best friends!! Isn't this world so tiny sometimes? And isn't she a beauty!?

As an artist, Kim has a beautiful, fresh and modern look with colors that will keep you looking. Her studio is adorable and I can picture her dreaming and painting away in this space. Take a look....

I Love the airy feel to her studio and the lovely green with fresh plants. What a great space to get creative. I asked Kim a few questions to get to know her and her style a bit and this is what she said.

1. When did you become interested in art and for how long have you been an artist?

When I was a kid I was always creating something. Making cards for people or decorating my room about every other week. When I was 14 I had my first private art lesson. I was curious about painting and had just received a watercolor set for Christmas. I took lessons for the rest of that year and loved every minute of it. I then pursed art in college and graduated with a BA in fine art.

2. Does your interior space reflect you as an artist? If so, how?

Yes, my friends always ask me to come decorate their homes for them. I have an equal passion for art and interior design, which makes sense because they relate so much to each other. I was into interiors at a young age, long before I was a painter. I spent a lot of time thinking up ideas and decorating my space. My home is never completely finished. I love that about my home because its changing with the seasons or what inspires me with my art.

3. What is your favorite type of medium to work with?

My first art lesson was with watercolors. Then later when I went to art school, I started painting with acrylic. I still like watercolor and also mixing in oil pastels into my artwork. Acrylic paint is so versatile which is what draws me to it. I love that it can be thick and textured or watered down like watercolors.

4. What inspires you?

When I am not working or painting, you can find me most days outside on walks or in the garden. I love decorating and reading interior magazines and books. I also have a passion for cooking and creating new, tasty recipes. When I am not at home, I love traveling, seeing new places and taking lots of photos.

5. What is your style in your home? 

My style has treasures found on trips, scandinavian design, and a mix of rustic and modern elements. People often say they come to visit, that my home feels very peaceful.

6. Three words to describe you.


Isn't kim's work beautiful? I love her answers and her heart too. My kind of gal! She also is giving 15 percent of each painting sold to clean water. I LOVE IT!!! Please go visit her on instagram and her website and follow along on her beautiful journey.

Have a beautiful day darlings. Hope you have been inspired!

xo jennifer




26 summer activities inspired by my kiddos

1. Nerf gun wars. 

2. Book club with my daughter. Reading together, discussion, dreaming and learning.

3. Riding our bikes to the donut shop.

4. Paddle boarding on the lake and then looking for treasures on the shore.

5. Picnic with yummy food and a ball to play soccer.

6. Movie night....outdoors too! Pleassseeeeee!

7. Ice cream...lots of it.

8. the pool, lake and at grandparents house.

9. Painting outside. Making art and selling it. Giving some proceeds to a charity.

10. Church activities.

11. Day trips, exploring and not having a big agenda.

12. Water balloon fights mama!!!!

13. Sleeping in the back yard in a tent...with lucy.

14. Going to Rome.

15. Beach adventures. Exploring and building sand castles.

16. Having a lemonade stand and selling lemonade and making lots of money mommy!

17. Traveling. 

18. Family time. Lots of hugs, cuddles and kisses.

19. Sleeping in....this is my kiddos did NOT come up with this one!

20. Getting certified in babysitting.

21. Floating on our donuts...we love our donuts!!

22. Dancing...and making videos. It is so fun mama!! Lots of dancing please.

23. Walking to our farmers market in our neighborhood.

24. Taking lucy on run with her mommy.

25. Camp at grandparents home.


Have a beautiful summer darlings! Have fun with your kiddos!

xo jennifer

marriage....being aware. loving through.

When I think of my husband I literally get giddy. I smile and think, why me? How did I get so blessed? I believe God had a plan and I was aware. Aware of when the right man walked into my life because I could have chosen another path....

Early on in our marriage I had a difficult time of understanding why he didn't do what I wanted him to do. Sound familiar? I just expected him to have the same expectations I did. Not reality ladies, not reality. It took me years of understanding, learning and maturing. I am still in the process as I believe I always will be growing in this area, but I am aware. Aware of the good, aware of the expectations and aware of what our marriage can handle.

Being aware of our downfalls gives us the ability to give ourselves grace when matters are different than we would expect. I am emotional. My husband is not. Sound familiar?  I could never understand why he just wouldn't cry with me. I would even beg sometimes..... could we just cry together I would cry out!!!!! Seriously!!!? Would be his answer. We have had to learn how to communicate when I am more on the emotional side and it has been a process of being aware, communicating and learning from each other. 

During my 4 years of health issues I had difficulty understanding why he couldn't be home with me more. He had started a business and we had to survive. I didn't have my second baby that I yearned for and had a husband that was gone 12 hours a day and my body hurt. I look back and wish I would have given myself grace then. I had so many expectations on me, my husband and my body. I would put blame on the one person who gave me this biggest security in the world and would put him down. Ladies!!!! The biggest thing I have learned through these experience's is to build your husband up. NO matter how you feel or what the circumstance is. We had some icky times in those years. Building him up instead of complaining would have been such an encouragement in so many of those darker days.

One of the most lovely things I adore about my husband is his willingness to learn and grow. He has taught me to be a better listener and communicator. Not only with him, but our children and family and friends. I have learned so many things from this love of my life and I thank him for always standing up for our marriage first.

Marriage is like an ocean. The waves go up, they come crashing down. Sometimes it is wild and crazy, sometimes it is as calm and still. Above all, it does become a choice of how we are going to react to situations, how we are going to encourage and how we are going to deal with hardships.

Love is a roller coaster......always be aware of the twists and turns. Look towards the finish line. Never give up.

Have a beautiful day darlings.

xo Jennifer

1950's ranch bungalow

When I think of a 1950's home all sorts of things come to mind, but the biggest thing is WORK. Always in progress, never done kind of home. My sister lives in a 1950's ranch bungalow that defeats the odds and is such a special place that she shares with her husband and two precious blonde blue eyed girls.  Along with 9 chickens, two bunnies, a cat, a beautiful garden and a little vineyard they have created a unique space in Napa, California.

They purchased the home in 2009 and have worked diligently on making it fit their needs. They live on 1/3 of an acre and have transformed it into a backyard haven. The girls enjoy playing with the animals, picking strawberries and playing in this cute playhouse.

When my 5 year-old niece was asked what her favorite thing to do in her enchanted garden (as she calls it) she proudly stated, "picking fava beans." Isn't that cute? They pick veggies and eggs on a regular basis and make home cooked meals most of the week.

My sister recently converted the baby girls nursery into a playroom/guest room as their space is on the smaller side of just over 1300 sq feet. I love how she kept some of the same decor and repurposed this table for a work space for the girls.

She just added the new day bed from CB2 called the lubi turquoise sleeper and she loves it! Such a fab color and perfect for the girls during the day and for guests when they visit.

I asked my sister what style she would consider her taste and home. She said it is eclectic with a mix of more mid century being added over time. She loves a good pop of color and incorporates this into her home. 

She recently did a wonderful transformation to her kitchen adding new counter tops, subway tile, a fun island unit and painting the cabinets.  Take a look at this cuteness! 

When asked about living in a smaller house she said it is a never ending task. "Your life keeps evolving and your home has to change with your needs." They changed their fireplace during their first year as it needed a big upgrade. They used reclaimed wood from a nearby city and my dad and sister got to work. It is her favorite part of the house and mine too.

When asked what her next project is my sister quickly responded, "the laundry room!" She found recycled cork made in Portugal for flooring and is so excited to begin. I can't wait to see what she does!

Thanks for stopping by on this little bungalow tour! Have a beautiful day darlings!

xo jennifer


There are not enough words to describe the love I feel for her. She is a women of faith, an encourager and a light in this world. My grandma. I love her so. She will turn 100 next January and to this day she has never dyed her hair and it is such a beautiful shade of golden gray.  She is what true beauty means to me. Her smile shows years of her telling the silliest jokes. Her hands show signs of being one of the best cooks I know. She was married to my grandpa for over 60 years. They had a love story that I look up to and strive for in my own marriage.  My grandpa hand carved her name in a tree trunk when he was 4. Yes, 4!!! My grandma has always looked for the good in anything. She is calm, bright and loves the Lord.

My grandma has always written notes. Everywhere! When I didn't pass my occupational therapy exam the first time she wrote a note to me every week for the next six months until I could sit to re-take the exam. That is beauty. That is love. I have been so blessed to be able to have some of her cherished items now in my home. There are little notes on these pieces that tell me a little bit about the story behind the item. I love the idea of each item in my home telling me a story. Don't you?

One of my favorite pieces is this mint stool. Of course, mint is one of my all time favorite colors and then when you hear the story behind it...hello! It was a bathroom stool from the Stanwood place my grandmother grew up in. This mint beauty then became a passenger item as one of the four girls in her family would sit on it on the way to church. Can you imagine? How beautiful. 

There have been many different uses for this cute stool as it has also been a great stepping stool in my kitchen.  Sadly, this fiddle leaf is no longer with me.....which is another story....

 This painting was done by my grandmothers mother's sister-n-law before she even wed her brother. It is an unbelievably beautiful acrylic painting. Over 100 years old and looks so beautiful like it was done today. I imagine the stories behind it as it hung in a family home filled with love and joy.

Do you have items in your home that tell a story? Please share! 

Have a wonderful evening darlings, xo jennifer

ps. I did not get permission from my grandmother to write this. I love her. I know she will say, "What is the internet anyway? Good for you, I am proud of you."

coveted home

Coveted Home is such a beautiful space and can I say I have never been in their store front! I so enjoy their instagram posts and I have browsed their website many times. Their colorful items are a mix of turkish rugs, weaved baskets, blankets, pillows and so many gift ideas you will swoon! They just opened up a new instagram page called shop coveted home where you can now purchase items straight from instagram. Last weekend I bought a rug from their pop up insta sale and I already have a new turkish rug in my kitchen! It is amazing how one beautiful item can change a space quickly. Please take a look! Of course, lucy loves it too.

I love how Coveted Home has made such a beautiful space not only in their store but online as well. Now that the internet has become the quickest and most convenient way to shop, it is pretty neat-o to still get that quaint eclectic feeling when shopping even if it is online! Here are a few of my favorite photos from their store recently...

Now if that isn't enough eye candy for you, go check them out here or on their two instagram pages here and here.

Have a fabulous weekend darlings!

xo jennifer

family photos...

(photo by Else Kerkmann)

A photo. A memory. A time when everything stands still. A moment that is captured and taken with you the rest of your life. Pictures really do speak a thousand words. When I look at a photo I can remember that time in my life, in our families life. The good, the bad, the blessings and the difficulties. I started having my daughter's photo taken when she was a baby and then our family photos were taken around the same time. I remember thinking, oh this is expensive and over our budget at the time. I tell you what! The best over spending I have ever done!

There are so many great photographers out there and a lot will do mini sessions for a discounted price. I love some of my local peeps Janine WagnerAmber Noelle and Else Kerkmann. It has been fun using different photographers as they give you a different look for your photos. 

Displaying your photos in your home can be overwhelming. I did one gallery wall of my kiddos as our space is small. However, I like the more artsy look with art and findings and photos mixed in. One of my favorite photos is one we had printed out on wood from Wood Snap. I love this company and they do such a great job. Sign up for the emails and get ready to get a discount!

It isn't too late to start your photo gallery. If you are a darling single, a couple, family, an extended family, a pet owner, young, old....go for it! It all can be done and memories can be made.

Enjoy your day darlings!!

xo jennifer

totes for water

Meet my dear friend Jennifer. I remember talking with her a couple years ago about what she was passionate about. God, her family and Giving. She knew she wanted to do something with her sewing talents, but she didn't know where to begin. When Jennifer discovered she could make cute totes out of coffee sacks and sell them for Charity:Water She got even more excited and passionate about giving.

Each tote is sewn to perfection and is lined with a beautiful pattern. Her creativity is seen in each bag and every tote is unique. All proceeds are given to Charity:Water after she subtracts the cost of materials. How amazing, awesome and giving is that? She gives everything she earns away peeps!

Totes for Water is a beautiful name for Jennifer's giving business and fits perfectly with her mission. Her totes are a wonderful gift for friends, teachers, family or simply to say you are loved.

Look at these beauties! One, two or three could be yours! Head on over to her website here or give her a shout out on instagram.

"I have pledged to use my time and talents to raise money for clean water. 663 million people live without access to clean water. People give up their birthdays, jump in cold water, ride bikes, climb mountains and I am sewing totes. Nothing is crazy!" Jennifer in her own beautiful words with her beautiful self inside and out.

Join her and the movement. It doesn't take much.

Have a wonderful day darlings!

xo jennifer