darling i love

To dance!! My heart out!! I have loved to dance since being a little girl. I remember my dad playing records (Yep...they are back again) and I would grace the floor in my tutu and prance up and down our little living room like a ballerina from New York. I took ballet and jazz lessons growing up and when I was in high school I hit the big leagues...... Wait for it..... cheerleading and dance team!! Oh the memories. As a mama, my kiddos only know me as a dancing mother and our dance parties sometimes consist of glow in the dark wand sticks and an incredible amount of giggles.

I write this as an encouragement to you to step out of the box sometimes. Let go and have fun. The best dance parties I have had are by myself with the music at top notch and me looking like a wild woman. Man does it feel good, incredibly good and a free feeling like nothing else.

So now, I dare you....you know you have a favorite song or two....go for it. Dance your heart out. You might even smile...I double dare you :)

Have an incredible weekend darlings! p.s. you can find my crazy dance moves on the bottom of this page...

xo Jennifer