woven abode

A perfect rug can make a space...well perfection. I have been on the look out for a vintage rug for years. Finding that right color, size and look can take awhile, but when you find the right one its like magic! Kim at Woven Abode has a beautiful online store with rugs that will make your mouth water. The colors, the textures, warmth and vibrancy make me want to have each one! My rug is a Persian rug, thought to be 60-70 years old. How cool is that? A wonderful investment that I can give to my kiddos someday. I like that. A lot.

I love how it warms up my modern living room. The colors are gorgeous and the rug is worn in all the right places! I was able to interview Kim and it was so fun to learn a little more about her and her business. Hope you read on and enjoy the photos of rugs I sprinkled in that are for sale here!

1. Tell us a little about you....

To tell you a little bit about myself I guess I would have to start with the most important things in my life. I am a mom with three wonderful kids and a wife. I'm a Georgia girl but moved for the first time in my life to Southern California six years ago. 

2. How did you start your business?

The move to California is actually what helped me get started selling vintage rugs. I've always loved re-doing vintage furniture. I had so much extra time on my hands because I knew no one so I started redoing and flipping furniture. During my trips to fleamarket's I found myself coming across antique rugs and falling in love with the art and beauty of them. So I began collecting them and eventually started selling them to stop myself from becoming  a hoarder. I kid you not! My business partner is Hollis, my four-year-old. Since he's the baby and my last kid I couldn't bear to put him in preschool so he does everything with me. This is the best part about my job and what usually makes me insane by the end of the day. 

3. Where (if you don't mind answering....) do you find these vintage beauties?

This is my number one asked question. I don't mind sharing my secret. If you have enough time and patience you can find vintage rugs almost anywhere. I find them at estate sales, garage sales, auctions, and flea markets. It does take patience. You have to be willing to trust your gut and pull the trigger because these rugs are one-of-a-kind pieces and if you don't buy it someone else will. 

4.  When did you start your vintage rug business?

I started my business about three years ago. My original name was Eclectic Abode but I was unable to start my website under that name because it was already owned. Honestly, when I started I never even dreamed that I would open up a website so I didn't think that far ahead. Ive always loved the idea of a home that is layered and woven with modern and vintage items and that's how Woven Abode came about. 

5. What is your all time favorite rug?

One of my favorite rugs of all time was Azusa. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it to be my first giveaway. The funny thing is the girl who won the giveaway chose to take a gift certificate and picked out a different rug. It just goes to show you that rugs are like art and everyone falls in love with different pieces. You would laugh if you saw my living room right now because I have no rug!!! Every time I put a new one in here I end up selling it to someone that sees it. It's driving my husband crazy. I do have one rug in my kitchen that i'm in love with and I have had at least 10 people try to buy it but this one is a keeper.

6. Three words to describe YOU!

 Worker, Loving, Late. 

Now isn't Kim a darling? GO NOW! Give her some love on her instagram page or on her website Woven Abode.

Have a beautiful day darlings! jennifer