house of six interiors

Welcome to House of Six Interiors! I mean...come on look at this space! I met Tanya through instagram and I feel like we actually "know" each other for "real." Social media is a funny thing, but when it clicks (literally) it is amazing! 

Tanya is the creative behind House of Six Interiors. You can find her daily on instagram and on her Pinterest page where she shares her beautiful home, precious kids and family. She has this boho meets traditional meets plant loving meets eclectic meets homebody vibe that I just adore! I love how she is always mixing it up and uses items she has in her home to change it up.

Tanya has an eye for rugs and I adore all of them! She has this layering technique down. In my house it would feel cluttered and her home the rugs look so beautiful in color, texture and make the spaces so inviting I feel like I am there!

I was able to do a little interview with this darling and I hope you enjoy getting to know Tanya as much as I did! 

1.  Tell us a little about you!

 I am a mom to 4 wonderful and crazy kids and wife to the guy I call my best friend! Chocolate is considered a food group in our home, no joke.  We are homebodies - my perfect evening is spent with my fam - laughing, dancing and cuddling. I just love to be cozy with my tribe.  I am gluten-free, but not by choice.  After years of unexplained issues, we finally figured out gluten was the trigger.  I have been happily symptom free for 2 years now!  Speaking of happy, I am happiest and at my best when I have the chance to work out first thing in the morning -everyone benefits from that - I am a better mom, wife and friend :)

2. When did you start House of Six Interiors?

I just started House of Six Interiors this year!  It has been such a fun and exciting time for me!  After years of either being pregnant or having a newborn, I felt like I was finally coming out of the baby haze and could see myself and my future more clearly.  I have always loved interior design - growing up I was always moving my furniture around in my bedroom or making my own collages to hang on the walls. So.... I knew this is what I wanted to do!

3. Tell us about how your Instagram account has been a platform for your business?

 Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine what an incredible platform Instagram would be for my business!  Through Instagram, I try to show that even with a family as big as mine, you can happily live in a well styled home.  Sure, most Instagram pictures show everything neat and picture perfect....but those pillows are always on the floor....poufs are jumped on and rolled on....and blankets create messy forts all the time. There is very little that the kids cannot touch in the house. I try to throw in bits of that reality too from time to time, but lets face it, most people are not on Instagram to see the mess.   A home should read cozy, warm and inviting.  My goal is to show everyone that this can be done with lots of style and not at a huge expense.   The support thru Instagram and the women I have met via Instagram, is probably the most amazing and uplifting part of it all.  I feel truly blessed - it really is an environment of community over competition.  

4. I love how you incorporate your kids in your photos do they feel about all the photo taking by mama?

 Haha!  "not again, mom!" is the typical response from the older kiddos.  Although my littlest is quite proud to strike a pose every now and then!  My oldest daughter enjoys being my styling assistant behind the scenes rather than in front of the camera.  

5. Describe your style.

My style....hmmm....i would say it's a mix of Scandinavian meets laid back bohemian.  I love white- white walls, white accents but am obsessed with the color and warmth vintage rugs and plants bring to a space.

6. Three words to describe you!!

Sarcastic, loving, shy  (i know the first and the last don't really mix but its the truth;)  

What a fun interview with Tanya from House of Six Interiors! Her Instagram feed truly does give me joy everyday when I go to check on what she has posted for the day. So with that, please go give Tanya some insta love here and enjoy your day darlings!

xo jennifer