YOU are so enough!


I look back to 8 years ago and honestly can say I don't know how it all happened. With grace and maturity I now know this is life. Life happens. It can feel as though you are in a storm that doesn't stop and it continues for years and years. You wonder, "why me?" Am I good enough? Strong enough? Christian enough? Talented enough? Healthy enough? So on and so on. You struggle with the reality of all the prayers and living life to the best you know how and in the end it seems to not matter, at least that is what you think. IT does matter. You are good enough. You are strong enough. You are Christian enough. You are talented enough. You are healthy enough. The mind can tell you ugly things and can convince you of the worst possible outcomes. It is up to you to not compare, to not judge, or overwhelm yourself with negativity. It is hard, so hard....especially when things are not going as planned.

I believe this life was given to us to struggle. When I seem to be at my lowest I am closer to God and I lean on others for support. It is such a mixed up feeling. Feeling so low, but feeling so comforted at the same time. Have you been there? Are you there now? Please know you are good enough and you have a choice. Choices are an incredible gift we are given. We can choose our behavior. Let me say that one more time, we can choose our behavior. We are given that gift and what a blessing that is.

8 years ago I struggled with my wasn't doing what it was suppose to do. The story began and the story still continues. I look forward to sharing this story with you as my blog goes along. This outlet for me is going to be so good. I hope it is for you too. Some stories you might like, some you might ignore. In the end I hope you can say to yourself. I AM GOOD ENOUGH. You can find this darling shirt here.

xo jennifer