girl friday paper arts

I love prints with words that encourage, create and are light hearted and fun. Girl Friday Paper Arts is a wonderful company I stumbled upon on instagram. I have enjoyed getting to know Lotus through her beautiful works and online. I love the above print!!! Can you imagine if we all embraced the detours in life?!

Her work is a combination of simple, modern, and chic. She answered a few questions for this blog post and I am excited to share a little bit more of her here:

1. How did you start your company? What inspired you?

Right out of design school I spent the first 10 years of my career designing movie posters. That was so much fun. I met the most amazing people and learned a lot during that time, but after a while I found myself wishing I could do more of my own thing. I wanted to spend more time finding my voice as a designer instead of creating someone else’s vision. I always like it when things are simple (in design and in life). I also believe that what we think about becomes our reality. I wanted to create beautiful and minimal designs that people could put in their homes or give to friends as a source of inspiration. I decided to start my own business to give myself the opportunity and creative freedom to transform all those desires into a reality. 


2. How do you get your ideas for your beautiful prints?

I love typography and I love great literature. My passion is combining beautiful, minimal type design with inspiring quotes and fun words. I spend a lot of time in art museums, and I love to read… so those are both great sources of inspiration for me. I really like to come up with several prints around the same idea or theme, so they can be combined in various ways in people’s homes. My last 3 collections (which were each about 10-15 coordinating prints) where about love, wanderlust, and adventure. Those were all a lot of fun to brainstorm and to design.


3. Favorite things to do?

Go to the beach! And, since I live in Southern California, I’m really lucky to be able to visit pretty often. I have 2 kids (aged 7 and 9) who keep me pretty busy when I’m not working. We actually spend a lot of time in various art museums, and I have another business (Art History Kids) where I blog about exploring art history with your kids. My interests are kind of scattered, and that’s one of the best things about being your own boss. You can love a lot of different unrelated things, and make time to do them all.

4. Three words to describe you.

Curious. Minimal. Nurturing.


5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I recently branched out into the world of wholesale, and I think that is going to be one of the main things I pursue in the coming years. Having an online shop is great, but it’s so much fun to send a big box of prints to a cute little boutique and know that people will see them, get to pick them up and hold them in their hands, and think about what room they would be perfect in or which friend would totally love it. 

Doesn't Lotus sound fabulous? Loved this little interview.

You can find Girl Friday Paper on her website and on instagram.

My home got a little perk with her Rome sign....I love it darlings!

Have a beautiful weekend darlings.

xo jennifer