rome part 1

Ohhhh how long it has been since I have done a little blog post!!! Summer had me much with the kiddos and now that they are back in school I hope to blog a little more when the inspiration hits. I never knew writing was like that. I now understand why writers go on these retreats or hide out in the far away mountains for awhile just to focus and be inspired. I get it!

Anyhoo......ROME! Oh my, if you have gone you understand my excitement and if you haven't gone I hope to get that excitement in your blood to book that trip that will forever hold a beautiful place in your heart.

I have to admit, with the way of the world now I was quite nervous to travel. I have always enjoyed a good adventure and when traveling to Africa I never felt the way I did with Europe. was amazing. We didn't feel unsafe one bit. Yes, there were armed guards on every piazza we encountered, but it felt good, in a safe way.

The art, the culture, the language was just the ticket to an amazing experience for my family, especially my kiddos. I mean, look at this ceiling!!! This was taken with my iPhone and no edits and look at the detail. Oh my! My kids enjoyed every moment from the miles of walking each day to the numerous amounts of stops of GELATO!

This was taken right outside our hotel room. We stayed at a beautiful place on the 4th floor of a church. It was modern, clean and oh so lovely. Splendor Suite Rome would be highly recommended to stay if you were to travel to Rome. It is located in the center of it all, however it is quaint and quiet. There is no food onsite, but the cafe below has delicious pizza and pasta and the best cappuccino I have ever tasted!

Outside our bedroom window!

Kiddos playing in the piazza where our little hotel room was. It had a balcony where the kids bunked and gave us all a little bit of our own space. The ceiling was beautiful with hand panted stars and rustic wood, which made the modern room feel more cozy.

Rome was a city of wander with so many beautiful sights, sounds, tastes and family time. The streets are thousands of years old with cobblestone lined piazzas and alley ways. I couldn't believe how incredibly helpful the Romans were. They would speak English to us and we would practice our little Italian. My husband is half Italian and lived in Florence, Italy for a year and to see him speak in Italian was a dream of mine. Even the kiddos chirped in as they would say Chow Chow as we left a street vendor.

The shopping was unreal and everything smelled like beautiful fresh leather. The craftsmanship of shoes and bags was something I had dreamt of and to actually witness was amazing.

I have so much to say and write about this modern ancient and romantic city, but for now I will say Chow Chow until my next little blog post!

Have a beautiful day darlings!

xo jennifer