los cabos

My dear friend and I recently got to spend 3 wonderful and giggly days together in Los Cabos, Mexico. What a treat! Of course I love my family, but getting the chance to just get away with a dear friend of 20 years makes the experience even better. She just turned 40 and our birthdays are close to one another so it was time to celebrate!!!

We stayed at a place called Hotel El Ganzo.  It was beyond our expectations. We had no idea where we were going which makes traveling for me even more exciting. About 20 minutes from the airport on its own little peninsula lies the hotel and pristine blue waters and sailboats. When we arrived we both just started giggling. Really?! This is where we are staying!!

They greeted us with cucumber water and the hotel entry was grand with a mix of modernism and old weather wood accents. It was perfect. It was ours for the next three days. We were in earth heaven. 

The hotel is a mix of incredible art that artists from all over have painted. It is so creative, that even the furniture had a design to it and a part of the hallway had a refrigerator on it that would be stocked with beverages one afternoon and gone an hour later. A hotel that is constantly changing and moving around.....look closely at the pillow with the paint!

This modern vibe of the hotel was amazing. From reclaimed wood to concrete floors to an infinity  pool and food made from their organic garden...it was heaven.

Musicians come from all around the world to record in their underground music recording studio. Say what? One of the best parts about the hotel is it was kid free...I know I thought I would never say that. However, when your kids are not with you and you want some piece and quiet....this is the place!

Our room overlooked sailboats and pelicans....and all the rooms do at Hotel El Ganzo. It is a 68 room boutique hotel with all ocean view rooms. They had a boat taxi that took you on a minute boat ride to the beach with a restaurant....I think I have said enough!!  I found an amazing deal on expedia which made the trip affordable and more fun. Travel should be an unexpected adventure in my eyes and this trip did not disappoint. The little town of Los Cabos was a short ride away with so many shops filled with color and lots of eye candy!

The best part of my vacation? Spending time with this girl....and here is our friendship story part 2....part one is on my instagram feed if you want to take a peek!

We met 20 years ago in Occupational Therapy school. We traveled to Ecuador and both us of us realized how much we loved to make jokes and laugh at ourselves and each other. We white water rafted down the Amazon river...and of course I fell in!!! Everyone got back in the boat quite quickly, expect me and I kept going down stream with all those big fishes in the river. My dear friend kept yelling, "just keep your feet up!" I can still hear her today and it makes me smile. She is a friend that encourages, a friend that makes me laugh and a friend who has been through trauma and heartache. She went into a coma for 3 weeks after delivering her second child. They did not know she was internally bleeding. After a blood transfusion and a c-section while she was asleep her life was saved. Her baby was perfect and God performed a miracle. I was able to spend a week with her after she was discharged from the hospital to help with her and the sweet baby. I find it amazing how God intertwined our stories and gave us both a voice in different and similar ways. Her story is absolutely amazing and her testimony is beyond anything I have heard. We both have had hysterectomies and that in itself is a miracle to share that bond with someone.  Her strength and faith in God has given me a strength I didn't know I had. I have never prayed on my knees like I did the night her sister called me after the delivery, not knowing if she would make it. I remember pleading to God to not take her. Not yet. She is someone that everyone loves and her heart has touched so many lives. God saved her in that 24 hour period and we all are so forever grateful. I love you sweet girl.

I hope my travels inspire you to travel and my friendship story encourages you to dig deeper into those friendships you already have or begin new relationships that will last years to come.

Have a wonderful evening my darlings.

xo jennifer