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a good gallery wall...

I adore art, especially when it comes to a good gallery wall. A darling wall can demonstrate character, texture and an overwhelming sense of prettiness. I recently gave a Love it styling gallery wall consult away on instagram. It has been fun finding the perfect images for this lovely new client and you can follow along the gallery board here on Pinterest.

Here are some of my favorite gallery walls thus far. Look at how they are styled, grouped and have an overall sense of meaning.

A little love wall in our home....

I have two gallery walls in my little bungalow and the one in our bedroom is my favorite. It has touches of stages of our life together, travel and meaning. 

When doing a gallery wall it is up to you how you go about putting up your items. You can choose to display all your items on the floor ahead of time if there is space and then transfer the look up to your wall. You can measure or not, which I do the latter and it actually gives me more of the eclectic look I like. However, you might want a more precise look and cutting out paper of your images and putting it directly to your wall first to get the vision might be more your taste.

A gallery wall should be a fun experience, and a place that you will enjoy for years to come. If you have any questions are need help starting one, visit my Love it Styling section and shoot me an email.

Have a beautiful day darlings!

xo jennifer