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Happy evening darlings! Tonight I write from a place that I have been pondering about lately. Expectations. In my 20 and 30's I look back and see similarities in my behavior to things that happened to me or to situations I was in. I remember expecting a lot from my husband when in reality he was doing everything perfect, even going beyond what typical husbands do. If I was in a situation I did not think I deserved, or asked the question, "why me?"...... the situation tended to became more of the issue than it really was.

Expectations. We have them everyday. We expect things from others, from our spouses, our children, our co-workers, from ourselves....even the social internet world. As women and mothers I believe we are incredibly hard on ourselves and are expected to do things that just make us TIRED! I remember when I didn't get into occupational therapy school the first time. I expected to get in as I had good grades, supportive parents and a willingness to learn. The school had other news for me. It took me another year to learn more, have a little more free time and the second time around was an in for me. It made me a better person for learning in my early 20's that expectations can come in all different sizes.

My little mountain town I am living in has hit the news a time or two lately and word is getting out how lovely it is. EEEEKKKKKK!!! When I see traffic I get in a mood that used to never be there. Should I expect that our town should not have growth? Should I be negative because it might take me a little longer to get my kiddos to school? No!!!

Turning 40 this year has turned a corner for me that I must say is lovely. Is it maturity? Maybe. Is it hope, forgiveness and grace? I do think so. Yes, my life is a result of mostly choices, hard work and the good Lord. However, I do think if we expect too much and do not learn from our situations, there is no opportunity for growth, healing and twirling.

I posted on instagram yesterday about how twirling is for all ages. I believe we all have moments of happiness where twirling feels magical and abundant. I am learning to rejoice in these moments and to realize that when expectations are too high, my twirling might dwindle.

Do you twirl?


Have a lovely evening darlings.

xo jennifer