hello darlings.....

How fun is this! A website, a blog and a little space in this big big world that I can call mine. Darlings......I love it!!! The name came to me after using 'Love it' as my home styling business for the past couple of years. I knew I wanted to expand a little more, but I wasn't sure how it would all come to place. Darling I love it will be a space of inspiration, my life, food, a little fashion and for sure some fun. It will be an online journal for me and my hope for you the reader is to feel inspired and encouraged. We are saturated with negativity in this society and my prayer for this space is to bring a smile to your face.

Speaking of a smile, today I turned 40. Who knew this day would come?! I was so excited for today as my sweet hubby took the day off as we were going to adventure around our little mountain town. I guess I needed a day of rest instead as I woke up this morning to balloons and a fever. What!!? As my 30's have shown me, life is up and down and sometimes we just have to make a choice to be ok and content. I struggled today and I didn't think my first entry would be like this....but I also believe it is good to be REAL. Can I get an AMEN?

I did get to have a little vegan ice cream, blow out candles, open some pretty amazing gifts like what I am typing on now...hint hint. Hugs from my kids, texts, songs, emails, fb messages, IG messages, cards under my doormat, in the mail, friends stopping by with flowers and gifts....so peeps...I am 40 and I am grateful.

My morning looked like this....thanks hubs and kids. Love you family.

xo jennifer