keeping it minimal

Keeping it minimal.....have you ever had those thoughts running through your head? I must keep that, I must give that to someone in need...I need to throw that item out!!! I tend to lean on the side of cleaning out my closet on a regular basis, maybe too regular...

We moved from a 3500 sq foot home last July into a 1485 sq foot home. Keeping it minimal folks. I thought my husband was going to have a panic attack the first night in our new bungalow. I was beaming, smiling ear to ear and he was seriously thinking, this is unbelievable. We live in a town that has become popular, and in case more expensive to live. It was a blessing selling our larger home and we decided to live small and save, travel and be close to one another.....literally.

It has been such a fun challenge for me to keep things at a minimal. When I shop now I have to stop and think, do I really need that? Will it function in our home? Will it look cute, but drive anyone else in the family nuts? My husband is incredibly tolerable and has allowed me to be creative in our bungalow with everything and it has been such blessing for me.

Living small has its challenges.....but I am loving them. Whether you live in a large home, a cottage or an apartment take on the challenge! Look around and ask yourself, does this make me happy? Do I need this? What would make this space more functional? More unique? Start making things happen. Keeping it minimal is the goal and the ultimate goal is happiness.

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