totes for water

Meet my dear friend Jennifer. I remember talking with her a couple years ago about what she was passionate about. God, her family and Giving. She knew she wanted to do something with her sewing talents, but she didn't know where to begin. When Jennifer discovered she could make cute totes out of coffee sacks and sell them for Charity:Water She got even more excited and passionate about giving.

Each tote is sewn to perfection and is lined with a beautiful pattern. Her creativity is seen in each bag and every tote is unique. All proceeds are given to Charity:Water after she subtracts the cost of materials. How amazing, awesome and giving is that? She gives everything she earns away peeps!

Totes for Water is a beautiful name for Jennifer's giving business and fits perfectly with her mission. Her totes are a wonderful gift for friends, teachers, family or simply to say you are loved.

Look at these beauties! One, two or three could be yours! Head on over to her website here or give her a shout out on instagram.

"I have pledged to use my time and talents to raise money for clean water. 663 million people live without access to clean water. People give up their birthdays, jump in cold water, ride bikes, climb mountains and I am sewing totes. Nothing is crazy!" Jennifer in her own beautiful words with her beautiful self inside and out.

Join her and the movement. It doesn't take much.

Have a wonderful day darlings!

xo jennifer