26 summer activities inspired by my kiddos

1. Nerf gun wars. 

2. Book club with my daughter. Reading together, discussion, dreaming and learning.

3. Riding our bikes to the donut shop.

4. Paddle boarding on the lake and then looking for treasures on the shore.

5. Picnic with yummy food and a ball to play soccer.

6. Movie night....outdoors too! Pleassseeeeee!

7. Ice cream...lots of it.

8. Swimming...at the pool, lake and at grandparents house.

9. Painting outside. Making art and selling it. Giving some proceeds to a charity.

10. Church activities.

11. Day trips, exploring and not having a big agenda.

12. Water balloon fights mama!!!!

13. Sleeping in the back yard in a tent...with lucy.

14. Going to Rome.

15. Beach adventures. Exploring and building sand castles.

16. Having a lemonade stand and selling lemonade and making lots of money mommy!

17. Traveling. 

18. Family time. Lots of hugs, cuddles and kisses.

19. Sleeping in....this is my activity....my kiddos did NOT come up with this one!

20. Getting certified in babysitting.

21. Floating on our donuts...we love our donuts!!

22. Dancing...and making videos. It is so fun mama!! Lots of dancing please.

23. Walking to our farmers market in our neighborhood.

24. Taking lucy on walks...you run with her mommy.

25. Camp at grandparents home.


Have a beautiful summer darlings! Have fun with your kiddos!

xo jennifer