my simple master bath makeover

I think it is safe to say we all look at images on Pinterest or Instagram and comments pop in our heads like….”Oh I need that!” “I should change that!” “Oh thats a great color, maybe I should change mine!” “I wonder where they got that? How much do you think?” The questions go on and on and linger in our noodles. When I decided to change up our master bathroom I was on a budget and I knew I would not be changing the flooring, counter tops and shower but instead EMBRACING them. They might not be my style, but they are functional, nice quality and by golly, we have a master bath!! Wohoooo!! So when I decided it was time to change things out I wrote out a list of what I knew I could change on my budget.


*Towels!! These were the first items to pop into my head. When was the last time you bought towels? I found mine at Nordstrom here ….well they were there and looks like they are not carrying them at the moment, but there are some really cute ones!

*Paint!! It seems so simple yet for some reason finding the right paint color that works for you and your end goal can always be a challenge. I wanted the whitest white so I went with Sherwin Williams Extra White paint and I love it!

*Runner!! Since I am not in love with the tiles I decided to find a runner that would fit the length of the bathroom. Rejuvenation had a great one! But guess what? My husband doesn’t like the feeling of it!!! Errrrr! So it will probably be going back to the hallway and I will be on the hunt again!!

*Lights!! My house is such mix of traditional and modern, but I am drawn to a simple modern light fixture. I love Cedar and Moss and you can see what I picked.

*Clock and Art!! I added a new clock and art from my favorite stores Abode and Ju-bee-lee If you are local and never been, RUN NOW!!

My dad made me this cute little wooden bath caddy!

My dad made me this cute little wooden bath caddy!

Before picture!!!!!

Before picture!!!!!

And of course the above photo wasn’t styled….but here are the changes below!


With a little creativity and time you can have a bathroom refresh on a budget! Embrace what you have and it is amazing how you will feel. Thanks for reading darlings!