intentional home living

With the passing of my dear grandmother, I have had time to process what it means to live intentionally in my home. I wrote a short check list down and would love to share with you! As you read through my intentional living, think of how you create your home space to live more intentionally and I would love for you to share in the comment section!

  1. LOVE where you live. Whatever space you are in, create an environment that you love to live in. It is a choice to make your home a place to be intentional by how you create your environment whether you rent, own, live with family or in a dorm room. BE INTENTIONAL!

  2. Flowers, candles, fresh food and baked goodies oh my! All those things add up in my books and can be so easy to obtain and if you are on a budget they still can be attainable! Pick flowers from outside, re-use your candles with votive candles and bake simple chocolate chip cookies. Enjoy how it makes your family and friends feel too!

  3. A clean and organized home is an intentional home. You don’t have to go crazy with the cleanliness, but I do believe having a clean home that is organized helps with keeping an intentional environment for your family. Start by choosing one room and work on organizing it and make it a priority. Once done, explain to the family what you have created and how they can help keep it organized. They will enjoy the space and maybe for the next space they will help out and create it with you!

  4. BOOKS! I love to keep cooking books, the Bible, art, decor, traveling and even novels out on display. Books keep a warm and inviting space and they intentionally bring on meaningful conversations that might not have happened without them there. A good book is such an easy way for living in an intentional home.

  5. WORDS OF AFFIRMATION! Tell your husband you love them! Yell from the top of the stairs to your kiddos they are the best thing to have ever happened to you. HUG them often. Give positive encouragement. Speak wise words to your children. Squeeze your dog. Enjoy the people in your home and intentionally tell them you adore them.

  6. Make homemade meals and sit at the table together. In this crazy busy world we forget how important this is. Studies have shown that kids do better in school enormously just by having a few meals at home with their family. Cook simply if cooking is too much for you. Google simple recipes. Yes, we all love google :)

  7. PRAYER. Pray for your family and friends. Find specific requests to pray for and covet those in prayer.

  8. My last idea among so many I want to write, but I want to keep it short and sweet is to wake up every morning with an open heart. We live in a world that is all about having more, doing more, seeing more. What if we woke up and thought, “YES! This is it! I can choose how I want my home to be. I have that choice, lets do it.”


    xoxoxo Jennifer